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Fecha: 30 mayo, 2023

B2B marketing, does inbound marketing work?

It is normal that you wonder if inbound marketing is a good lever to achieve your company’s objectives for your B2B marketing. To answer you I will start with the following data:

Currently more than 90% of B2B consumers start their shopping process by asking Google solutions to their problems- HubSpot

Why do I tell you this? Because it is evident that the way in which people buy is increasingly focused on making informed decisions and, at least today, their best option to obtain such information is digital media. Think of the following scenario:

Mario, the Director of the Purchasing Department, searches Google for «Best material for coating electric cables 2017» and, on the first page of the search results, he finds a page where he is told about trends in this type of material and in this same page finds other materials that speak more specific and specialized topics about this so that Mario can download them … It’s perfect! Mario got the information that he needed and a few days later he marks the company so that they can orient him more specifically in his doubts; This company already knows in advance what Mario needs and he loves the personalized treatment they give him. Mario is very happy with his choice of supplier, because the others only sent him the presentation of his company and quotes, while it is clear that he knows what he is talking about and helped him solve his doubts and needs … Happy customer who will surely recommend them.

It sounds like an ideal world, right? Let me tell you that this type of cases are already lived by several companies … but what is the problem? The company that implemented this Marketing strategy to reach more Marios in the world was your competition and not you.

¿What is inbound marketing? 

nbound marketing is a methodology for attracting customers focused on customers. It relies on different digital tools that well-armed, and focused on the objectives and context of your company, can achieve growth results, which could not be separated.

It consists of different stages:


1. Attract the type of client you are looking for

Before designing any strategy the inbound marketing considers to know perfectly your ideal client (buyer persona), with this we mean that your company may sell to manufacturing companies, but within these you must talk to the person in charge of purchases. , maybe also with finance and probably even with quality (to mention a few examples). Each one of them has different problems, goals and needs; uses different means to be contacted and even the way and the language they use to express themselves are different.

All these are different characteristics that you must identify and understand, because the better you understand, the better you can connect with them and the better your b2b marketing strategies will be.

At the same time it is vital that you know the  buyer journey  or purchase process of your market. People usually go through 3 stages:

  1. Exploration: identify your problem
  2. Consideration: form your criteria and see your options
  3. Decision: choose your top 3
  4. Action: buy

Generally of the people who enter our strategies, only 5% is in the decision stage, and it is they who react best to discounts and promotions, the other 95% are indecisive and curious that can only continue to advance in our sales funnel through information (content of value) that helps them solve their doubts.

2. Position your company

Since they have identified everything about your buyer people, you can start to create your strategies. In Inbound Marketing content is the king, because it is the one that helps you attract people from the profile you are looking for. 96% of B2B buyers want content with more information from industry leaders, and do 12 searches on average before participating in the site of a specific brand (Source: ).

Having relevant content on your page helps you to position yourself organically (without paying) in search engines, and the better positioned you are, the more business opportunities you will have, as they usually do not search beyond the second page of search results.

The point of generating relevant content has the following purposes:

  • That they find you when they look for related topics, in this way you will get them to start locating you as a company
  • That they realize that you are a serious, professional and experienced company, without having to say it in this way, but that they deduce it through the quality of your content. The more value the contributions, the better.
  • That you can get more and better leads (prospects)

3. Achieve better results

To achieve different results, you must implement different actions. And implementing methodologies such as inbound marketing can help you achieve results that you have not been able to achieve before.

For example, only from a blog, B2B companies that publish articles 11 times a month have almost 3 times more traffic than those that publish 0-1 times a month. Likewise, 67% of B2B companies that implement inbound marketing see at least a 10% increase in their sales opportunities through the prospectus education stage (HubSpot). 

This is achieved thanks to everything in the inbound marketing is linked and must have a specific objective. And it is vital that you measure each and every one of the actions you perform in order to optimize your results and obtain a better ROI (return on your investment). Because think about it, at the end of the day what companies are looking for is to invest less and earn more; and inbound marketing is almost the only strategy that allows you to control certain variables and objectively know if it is working or not. 

In conclusion, 

Yes, inbound marketing does work for b2b marketing. With this you can achieve up to 3 times more and better leads (qualified prospects), control and optimize resources and get more closures. You can learn a little more about this in our Ebook «Basic Guide to Inbound Marketing for Industrial Marketing», just click on the box below: 

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