How to attract students to the university?

Capturing the attention of a student from 17 to 19 years old may sound easy, but it really is a task that requires strategic planning. A part of the brain, for example, focuses on attention, acts as a filter that separates important information from unimportant. It is called the Reticular Activation System (RAS) and that is where we want your university information to stay, to attract more and better students.

Attention, in the end is the key point to attract more prospects. And to also ensure a better retention and understanding of your advertising message. Thus, in the following article we present you how to make it to attract your ideal students:

Investigate your market

How do you catch the attention of someone you do not know? This is something that we mention a lot over several of our blog articles but it is for a good reason, knowing your ideal client is always the first step for you to attract him. If you do not know what thei needs, goals and their actions are, how are you going to be present in the place and time indicated?

We recommend using the Buyer Persona Methodology, it is a fast and simple way to know who your ideal client is in depth and without investing your time and resources in a market study. It is based on your experiences with past students and through a workshop based on empathizing with people, you can take all the valuable information you have and can help you better identify this client that is ideal for your institution and end with one or several specific profiles.

Customize your campaign

Within the Inbound Marketing campaigns, the customize can positively affect numerous results. You can use lead nurturing to offer very personalized content to users. Some examples can be from a personal visit to the university, success stories of alumni, etc. First of all put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you had to choose a university, what information would you look for or would you like to know? and having said that, creating content is much easier ..

You can also adapt the contents according to the phase in which the student is, that is, if you are just looking at the options of universities or if you are about to enroll in a specific program. In this way, the admission process can be considerably accelerated.

Make them perceive you as an expert

This refers to that, once the potential student comes to you; your task is to make it clear that you are the best university. That you can solve his problems and this you will demonstrate first, showing that you know exactly what their problems are, and secondly by offering the perfect solution and demonstrating that it is the solution he needs.

The first thing you will achieve speaking the same language, showing that you know the problem. If a student searches in google «what a marketer does» and your page is called «Opportunities areas for marketers» you are on the right track, and as a second step, everything must be designed with the sole purpose of generating trust and commitment.

Adapt all the means by which you can see

A trend that keeps growing is the use of smartphones and social networks; so your university must adapt to these. This means that any web page of your institution or landing page needs to be configured for mobile devices. Because it does not do much good to have an excellent offer, if it can not be seen in the right way.

And on the other hand, remember to position yourself in the media that your potential students use. And with this we do not only refer to ads or Facebook pages, but today there are already strategies to promote yourself in media like Instagram or Snapchat among others; use them in your favor.

Make them want to know more about you

Knowing how to make people want more is a very powerful weapon in advertising. But it can also be used to help people pay more attention and thus improve their learning outcomes. Some practices to follow with this step are:

Give contents by pieces, for example «The best 10 careers to study» and you can go revealing one every day or every week. These small fragments will make students aware of your updates. Another element is using headlines or surprising titles to get attention from the start. For example: 9 out of 10 of our alumni have the job they always dreamed of.

Finally I hope you serve these 5 tips to attract your ideal student and become a customer, remember that no marketing strategy can ensure 100% success, but we are sure that these 5 practices are very close to that. So start attracting how many prospects you want.

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