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Problems of Advertising Agencies in San Luis Potosí­

As an advertising agency in the 21st century you face many challenges but it seems that in San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, León and Bajío in general the time does not go the same. More and more agencies are promoting exactly the same services as many years ago as if they were discovering the black thread, the reality is that we are facing a boom of agencies that will not last more than 5 years, thanks to the new technologies. . This article is not intended to demerit any particular agency, only propose some good practices and improvements that we can all adopatar to provide a better service that provides greater value to our customers.


Advertising agencies exploit ignorance

This, I think, is the main problem faced by entrepreneurs today, to run into an agency that only seeks to exploit their ignorance in digital issues to be able to collect a few thousand pesos by delivering a work done by an intern and showing them apparently important numbers .

The important thing for an agency is not only that they know how to do things, but that they are the best at doing it, that they deliver concrete results and not numbers and graphs on paper, that they can explain to the client exactly what is being done and why, that helps in the decision making and that at the end of the day impacts the growth of the companies with which he works.

It is sad how common it is to see agencies that simply hire students or interns to do social media jobs that a businessman does not want to do or has not taken the 2 hours it takes to learn to do it and understand it.

A good agency should give you a consultancy even before it is hired, it should explain to you perfectly its methodology that it uses or its previous experience and the NUMERICAL results it has achieved previously.

Advertising agencies do not adapt to change


Something very important in this context of advertising is change. In recent years the number of changes we have seen has been impressive. No more than 10 years ago the main indisputable means were TV and radio; nowadays the most important television stations in Mexico are broke, they are canceling programs faster than they can authorize new ones, they are losing advertisers who realize that their audience is no longer worth what they charge, and the same happens with the Radio, the Magazines and other traditional media: either lower their prices and improve their operation or disappear in a couple of years. At the local level, we have seen many classified and social magazines disappear and only the best remain, remember what was the last typewriter factory that closed? The best.

Even in digital media there have been many changes, the platforms are constantly updated, if you learned to do a campaign a year ago, the safest thing is that if you try again it is a totally different process. The audiences have changed and their attention has been changing platform and it is necessary to understand this and try new media. The amount of advertising agencies is impressive, even some very large and many years old, that still do not give it the importance that digital media needs.

On the other hand, there are agencies that simply know how to do a campaign on a platform and start selling that service, going back to the previous point, just because the employer does not know how to do it. In the future this will stop because the artificial intelligence will end the business of many agencies, nowadays it is already doing it, there are some artificial intelligence companies that help a person without technical knowledge to make a campaign and all without intervention of a human, that means, they do not pay salaries and therefore they can give you much more competitive prices.

Maybe they say «a single machine will never replace human creativity» and I completely agree, the agencies that will survive will be the most creative but also the ones that achieve sales results at the same level as the machines. Because they have the experience of thousands of campaigns and can predict if your image or your text will have a certain result in the market you are looking for, something that creative people are not very good at: numbers.

A good advertising agency in San Luis Potosí or in any city should be aware of the changes in the advertising industry, but also in yours, and advise you in the decision making of new advertising media and be able to measure and show the effectiveness of each of the means in which it invests. It should show you at least the investment made, the impacts generated, the clicks, visits or interactions, the prospects generated from that medium and the final sales so that you can determine your ROI (Return on Investment) of each medium.

Creative advertising agencies «guess»

When you arrive and ask them «what is going to work for me? How much should I invest?», The most likely thing is that they invent something but they tell you with such certainty that you believe them; these creatives generally expect that with a striking design you have a good result but many times they do not know for sure an estimate. These numbers are relative and depend on each company, although if there is a certain standard, it varies a lot and can lead to very large differences of final investment in media. The correct way to determine this is based on historical data, preferably from the same company or similar campaigns, making a sales funnel but vice versa based on the specific objectives of the company.

Professional agencies should show you their historical data to support the advice they give you and if they do not have information or data related to their company they should tell you and show you specific numbers of their general results as an agency or a benchmarking of your industry with data of effectiveness of the medium that you are proposing.


Again we do not intend to discredit a specific agency but this lack of professionalism is a reality in several cities. We look for Marketing to become professional, always making observations to improve; and we hope that if you are a businessman you take it to avoid falling into these errors with any agency. If you are interested, we can support you in a personalized consultancy to analyze your means that you have invested and determine the advertising that generates better results, you can schedule it in the following box below, without cost:

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