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Advantages of having an inbound marketing specialist

Inbound marketing is used more often than you think. Nowadays if a company wants to be successful and with happy customers, they have to adapt to what is the best experience for consumers and how to get into their heads without overwhelming them. 

Years ago we were used to constant publicity attacks, even consumers had to adapt to the market and what they were offering. The competition is getting tougher and tougher, that is why you have to get the best team that will conform to your company. Having an inbound marketing specialist is not a benefit or plus, is a necessary member of any type of organization to be successful and with optimal results.


What is Inbound Marketing: 


Inbound marketing is a methodology that focuses on helping and guiding potential customers and visitors instead of interrupting them with spam promotions and garbage content. It is about creating and showing valuable and helpful content to the audience.


This methodology is directly related to its funnel. Let’s talk about the importance of knowing what is an Inbound Marketing Funnel. A Marketing funnel is a guide or road that helps the company identify the stage or phase in which its target is situated. Every customer needs to pass through all these stages to be successfully converted to the final stage of closing a deal.  



It is important to understand that the best way to sell your product or service is by guiding and advising the customer on what is best for his/her situation, getting him/her to know that you are trying to help, not just selling. Sometimes it is not just about the product or service itself, the way you try to sell it makes the difference.  


1. Happy customers:

Having an inbound marketing specialist is a warranty that you will have more happy customers than usual. Inbound marketing specialists know how to get to the customers’ minds without overwhelming them. They know how they think and what and how they want their service or product. They can make the customer understand what is their main necessity and how to solve their problem.


2. Smart and quality content:

Creating content is not just about writing any type of drafting or article. Creating content plans has a lot of analysis and work behind it. It is important to involve your inbound marketing specialist in this area.


When you are creating content, you have to consider how customers are googling or searching about their necessities on the web, and even more important: what are the customers searching for. 


3. Good and intelligent strategies:

As our article “How does an inbound marketing funnel works?”, a  correct Inbound Marketing strategy is based on the creation of specific and valuable content that helps us to guide customers to identify their problems which we as a company or agency can be solved. Inbound marketing is a methodology that attracts customers with their necessities. 


This methodology is directly related to its funnel. A marketing funnel is a guide or road that helps the company identify the stage or phase in which its target is situated. The stages which represent a correct inbound marketing funnel are: Attract, convert, close, and delight.


4. More and more conversions:

It is important to know that having tons of visitors on your website is not necessarily good, which does not mean closed deals. A good inbound marketing specialist is quite aware of this. 


What do you have to do to attract qualified leads or customers that are interested in what you are offering? Besides creating good content, you have to create conversion sites that invite visitors to convert, for example, Landing Pages and pop-up forms. 


  • Landing pages: 

The landing page is the page that the potential lead sees and receives when they click on your post or ad. You have to be careful and meticulous about this because it is specifically designed and conformed by a brief paragraph that invites the visitor to leave his/her information on the form that is posted on this landing page. 


The inbound marketing specialist has to know what kind of speech must be used in these paragraphs. You have to be pretty clear about what you are offering and what the visitor will obtain by giving you their information. The landing’s design must be simple but visually appealing. 


  • Pop-up forms: 

Pop-up forms are little advertisements on your website that invites the visitor to obtain information like infographics, podcasts, videos, webinars, case studies, reports, guides, quizzes or email courses, competitive comparisons, testimonials, consultations, demos, free trials, promo codes/discounts, detailed specifications or customers stories, all these structured on a landing page to get the visitor to convert. 



Now that you know the advantages of having an inbound marketing specialist, you are ready to take the next step.  Do not forget that at Impactum we are experts in this area, which is why we help companies to improve their marketing and sales results through technological tools and the inbound methodology.


Interested in learning more about what Impactum can do for you and your company? Go ahead and click on the button below to get our “Success cases with the implementation of Inbound Marketing”.


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