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Fecha: 29 mayo, 2023

Advantages and disadvantages of doing inbound Inhouse

Are you thinking of incorporating the Inbound Marketing methodology in your company? Perhaps one of the first questions you will have when deciding on this strategy is: «Do I go with an agency or hire personal on your own?» If you are in this dilemma, we present the following table of Advantages and Disadvantages of doing inbound marketing inhouse (within your organization, hiring people).




If you do an inbound strategy inhouse, you will have the advantage that your staff would have a bigger knowledge of your organization more than an external one.

Your staff may not be prepared in terms of knowledge abour the methodology

You will have more control. You are responsible for your strategy and that concept is applied to the concept of «Self-accountability». Where the people of the same organization are accountable to themselves. Although a poorly administration could also result in a disadvantage by taking a little time off. So knowing how to maintain control and getting to know your team will be necessary for this point to be an advantage.

To have the same team prepared as an agency, you may pay more for payroll than you would pay to an agency (for one), without mentioning that you have to hire a capable manager (which can cost you a little more).

You have the time of your team, so issues such as meetings, reviews and extraordinary changes do not cost you more and you can do them at any time.

Train your team: You need to invest time and money. Whether you want to train someone who already works with you on inbound or hire someone with experience that you will have to train to know your company; will involve an investment of time and resources. The implementation time of an inbound marketing strategy could take away your team.

Knowing 100% your team or at least a high percentage.

An agency offers you the experience of having worked with many accounts. There are more possibilities to analyze the results: what is done well and what is done wrong.


The time. If you want to do it with your current team, finding the time for a methodology implementation will be a great challenge (in our experience at least 50 hours a week for your team).


It is easier for an agency to have a defined process. Maybe as an internal client you will only do the implementation once, therefore there is a high probability that you have an inefficient processes. Agencies usually standardize processes based on their experience and see a broader picture in implementations.



Time as an indispensable resource

We want to emphasize this point since an inbound marketing strategy well implemented and aligned with the company’s objectives takes time, not only in the first phases of introspection in your company and definition of key metrics, but in the creation of an aligned plan to the objectives. We say it: It is not creativity, it is strategy. And this point is very important because when making an action plan you will naturally have to think about issues such as content: who will be responsible for writing, editing, publishing and SEO (search engine optimization)?

Take into account that the creation of valuable content is a process that at the beginning you could take into account to your team if you are not yet used to the writing and the fact that all the content must be aligned (along with the objectives) to the problems and needs of your ideal client (your Buyer Persona) and that for your content to have value, you must attack the questions that your ideal client usually makes.

If you want to know more about how the content could help your company, we invite you to read the following post.

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