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Fecha: 29 mayo, 2023

7 Improvements for your company’s website

For businesses, having a web page is no longer optional, and if it is not well designed and has the right elements, they are wasting a gigantic opportunity. In recent years the internet has given many people the opportunity to have complete businesses that with a good website can operate and sell at the level of professionals. If you want your business to be one of those I recommend these points to improve your current web page or consider a next redesign.

1. Use a local domain

Local domains help search engines to realize where the company is in the world, that way you can show Mexican companies to the people of Mexico and improve search results. If your business is new try to search the domains with .mx and please refrain from .net, .org, .us etc … the .com is fine but unless you are an internet company, I still recommend the .mx and in 1&1 is sold to you the first year at only for $9 pesos MXN, and then it’s still not that expensive.

2. Make your website compatible with mobile

67% of searches are currently done from mobile (cell phones and tablets) and I regret to tell you that if your website is the one that you have to zoom with your fingers to reach read it, you will not appear in the results search, at least not very high. It is already mandatory that all companies have responsive designs on their pages, that is, depending on the size of the screen is the arrangement of this. It is not very complicated and all programmers can make a responsive page, if you are interested you can contact us and ask for the design of your web page.

3. Remove the flash (please)

Although this should no longer exist, lately I’ve run into several companies that still have their pages with flash, and if you saw parents animations in their time but now they are obsolete, input according to the previous point, you’re wasting the 67 % of searches since your page is not seen on mobile devices and is not very friendly with search engines so do not expect to be very high in searches. In general flash sites are ugly, heavy and annoying for most people because they are difficult to navigate, if you are one of those who have a flash site, call us and we will give you a discount to create a web page to your business.

4. Install Google webmaster tools

They say that what is not measured can not be managed and can not be improved, if you do not know what happens on your website it is the same, you will not be able to improve it. I recommend you to install Google’s webmaster tools because, unlike its «Google Analytics» cousin, it is very complicated and with a lot of information difficult to read and digest; Web Master Tools installs just as easily and gives you just the necessary information such as How fast is your page? What can you do to improve it? Where are more visitors coming from? What searches do people google where you appear and in what position do you appear? etc…

This information I think should be more than enough for people who are not fully engaged in digital and is good to take action.

5. Focus your web page to achieve an action

All web pages must have an intention, even if they see the price page, they call you by phone, they leave their data or they contact you through the same page. There are few pages that concentrate on achieving this, when it is something very easy to achieve and that can greatly improve the results. simply choose the most logical goal for your business and design your site based on this, for example if you want people who visit your website to call your business, do not settle for putting the phone down your page where everyone put it, include it in the main bar, make a striking button that includes it etc …

6. Register in Google My Business

Basically another name given by Google to your social network for business, Google My Business is a simple and free way that your business appears in the searches that are made near the place where your business is located. It basically becomes something like having a page of your business on Facebook only in the social network of Google. Sometimes Google will send you a physical letter by mail to ensure that your business is in the place you say it is, it will not take long to arrive and will bring all the instructions so you can register.

7. Start to create content

Last but not least, the cheapest, most effective strategy that almost nobody wants to do: Create content on your website. Almost nobody does it so the few who do create content tend to stand out. We’ve talked about this in this blog before, you can read about the 5 reasons to use a business blog. Creating content basically summarizes writing about what your company does, how you can help your clients and why your company is the best to help them. You can start by writing a small blog and gradually get more interesting content such as videos, downloadable documents, etc … And above all do not forget to distribute your content, it is useless if you do not tell the world that you are here and that you are doing something great .

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