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Fecha: 29 mayo, 2023

5 tips to reach your sales goals

When your department has a limited budget it seems complicated to be able to achieve the sales goals that are put to you but with the right tools and correct strategies you can achieve many things without having to spend a lot, the most convenient as always is to invest in Inbound Marketing and which reduces on average by 61% the cost of getting a prospect. Without further ado these are the recommendations we make to you so you can have better results by sticking to your budget

Know your customers

This is the first point and it is also the most important, since from here you should start your business strategy in general, if you know what your customers think, what are their needs, their problems and their objectives, it will be easier to communicate them how is it that your company can help them solve their problems or achieve their objectives and the better you communicate the more likely they buy you and therefore achieve your sales goals.

Focus your efforts

It depends on each business but we all have an ideal customer profile and a customer profile that is more common, so that our limited budget gives us the greatest amount of results we have to focus only on the ideal customers. But sure they will say «but if I concentrate on only one type of clients I am leaving out many potential clients» and it is true, but speaking in percentages you will be generating more sales and achieving your goals.

Use inbound strategies

When you invest in radio, TV or a spectacular is something ephemeral, investing once or for a period of time and shortly take away your ad, your time is finished and is no longer effective. Inbound strategies such as the content of your website, a business blog, videos and social networks give you results for a long period of time since everything is connected on the internet lasts forever (or for a long time), more if you make a complete inbound strategy that relates all your content and truly solve problems to your customers can attract customers permanently even after you stop updating your inbound strategy and use your limited budget in sales closings.

Always try to achieve more with the same

This is something that engineers working in the industry know perfectly but those of the sales department and managers do not believe it. All processes and all indicators can be optimized, in other words, there is no cost that can not be reduced and no results that can not be improved. If your budget has not been increased but they ask you if you increase sales, there is no reason to think that it can not be achieved, it depends on what you are investing in the ways you can improve, for example in digital marketing you can always segment more specifically your ads, try different ads to see which works best, change the keywords you are using or trying new means to advertise.

Motivate your team to achieve your sales goals

Nothing produces better results than a motivated team and motivation is the most important thing for a sales team, if your company has staff working on calls, negotiations and in the field dedicated to sales, you can always improve your results with a little motivation . The key to motivation in sales is that incentives the correct behavior, ask yourself what is better to encourage, the generation of prospects? The calls made? The quotes delivered? You must choose a principal to focus your efforts and each one you choose will have advantages and disadvantages, for example, if you decide to encourage calls your sales team will call many people but they may not be convincing or they do not spend a lot of time because of the anxiety of make more calls, if on the other hand you encourage the quotes you may be able to send quotes to clients who are not so interested and that affects your percentage of closures, so decide carefully how you will do it, but this topic is as for a complete article that we will publish soon.

If what you want is to achieve better results in your sales, do not forget these simple tips to increase your sales without affecting your budget, all are strategies that you can implement yourself and do not need more than a little knowledge on the subject and you know that always If you need help you can schedule a consultancy completely free with us and we can help you in this and other topics. 

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