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3 Examples of sales strategies that work for large companies

3 Sales strategies of large companies

The commercialization of a product or service is made up on the basis of sales strategies. It is through sales that companies can have their income and grow, here its importance. Those companies that stay stuck in their comfort zone and repeat the same processes are always in danger of disappearing. In this article we will share some examples of sales strategies used by many companies, just remember to ADAPT EACH TIP TO THE SITUATION OF YOUR COMPANY.

1. Help is not the same to sell, Call EMAIL MARKETING!

When a new company starts (be it a conventional business or startup) at the moment of initiating a sales interaction, it always prepares a strategy prior to the conversation. However, with the passage of time, the processes were so effective that they became systematic. The problem here is that people and the advancement of technologies have changed the way we do business and get closer to people.

Thanks to technology, there are more ways to make sales strategies, although I recommend that you research more about how to do  internet marketing . With the help of simple and inexpensive marketing tools, you can get more prospects and you can infer much better THE NEEDS OF YOUR PROSPECTS AND THE SITUATION OF YOUR COMPANIES.

Create mail marketing campaigns for your potential clients, this type of email is characterized because it is personalized for those people to whom you send them. No! We’re not talking about the famous and annoying SPAM email. The mail-marketing is a personal email for the recipient, with the focus of educating your customers to buy you. Sending emails to educate your customers to buy you is very different from the classic message sent in the mails of «We have the best deals», «We are the best in the market», etc. The messages should be directed to him «as how our company can HELP you solve your problem«.

2. Be efficient! Know the company of your prospect before talking with him.

An example of an excellent sales strategy is always to set the profile of the client they plan to go to, this also helps you save time. It is better to invest time and effort in prospects that are sure they buy from those who do not meet the characteristics to use your product. Doing an investigation for these cases is the best option for which you can opt.

I do not mean that you are out of the company every day as a private spy or as a novice psychopath. Simply once you have defined a list of companies that are most likely to be more attracted to your product, before picking up the phone and start calling, search the internet for more of the company. What exactly do they sell ?, the history of their company, if they have expansion plans (for example, if they give options for franchises are at that point of development), in which geographical areas the company performs, etc. When the seller prepares in this way the sales opportunity is increased and it is noticeable, since you did your homework to be interested in the company.

And this phenomenon I explain to you in a very simple way. Just take the side of the consumer, when a person shows interest in your company you certainly offer part of your time to know your proposal. The efficiency of this is due to the fact that very few sellers are dedicated to taking that time. Now if you got an appointment, it is because the person has a good reason to listen to you, your job when approaching the appointment is to find out why.

Many salespeople have the problem of speaking, speaking, speaking and … right !, talk. The most advisable and be concrete with what you say and give the word to the person who interviews. As you let the person speak more, he or she will give you the necessary information so that you can then formulate the necessary questions to lead the prospect to become a potential client.

«Shut up and sell» is the title of one of the best sellers about sales that is highly recommended to understand this topic. Don Shehaan, its author, advises readers to stop talking about their product or service and begin to listen more and elaborate intelligent questions to specify the sales strategy.

Always remember to fulfill what you promise your customers. Sometimes sellers to make a sale offer promises of various kinds. Remember that you represent the image of the company and any small mistake can be poorly perceived by your customers.

Another thing, and tell you about the smart questions should be part of your sales strategies. Before any interview you have with a prospect, meet with your sales team to think about what would be the best smart questions for the prospect, all based on the information you have collected from your research of the company online

3. Search your former clients or subscribers.

the experience that your company has provided to its customers is worth a lot when another company considers buying your products or services. That is why it is preferable to add testimonials from your clients to your website or sales flyers. This in order that your prospect can have a reference of your work and above all that you can generate confidence before starting to work with you.

We hope these strategies will help you in your company. If you have any other strategy that you like to share with the Impactum community, I invite you to comment on it.

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